Mutahi Ngunyi Links Roselyn Akombe to Planned Coup

Shocking Revelations come to light

Ngunyi divulged that the untimely resignation of Dr. Akombe is a ploy to overthrow the Government.

According to the political scientist, this plan was started by Chief Justice David Maraga when he nullified the presidential results which declare President Uhuru Kenyatta the winner.

“AKOMBE is part of the MARAGA coup. It is happening in SLOW MOTION in front of our OWN eyes,” he said.

Roselyne Akombe resigns

Ngunyi’s theory comes hours after the news of Akombe’s resignation hit headlines.

The Commissioner downed her tools noting that the Commission as currently constituted cannot conduct a free and credible election.

She claimed that her life was in danger and flew to the United State, where she sent the resignation letter from.


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