Everything You Need to know about Strepsils. And What Flavors to use

The good sleazy women of Kilimani Mums have, yet again, captured the attention of the public with their idle bedroom chatter that seems to be the only thing that keeps the group alive.


Kilimani Mums, as you all know, is a ragtag army of mostly jobless hobos who gather at the virtual haunt to obsess over men, flaunt their infallibility, engage in sordid bedroom tales and basically while the time away scandalizing their way around.

Its a formidable entity that always seems to make news. Or to avert the course of news.

A woman reaching an orgasm     Photo/ File

And now, the group lit up over the weekend with tales of a popular menthol lozenge that's supposed to turn any bedroom activity into a moment of sexual magic.

According to the yobs that post random thoughts on the group, the sore throat medication, Strepsils, that we all grew up crunching and sucking, has other more NSFW uses - it's the perfect bedroom aphrodisiac that turns sex into firebombs.

The procedure is pretty simple, you grab a single tablet, put it in your mouth, suck on it, derive the cooling menthol effects, and then, while your mouth still has that ecstatic menthol tinge, go down on your man and suck that thing to cloud nine.

It's the ultimate blow-Job. The King of all blow jobs, they say.

Also, the man can suck on the tablet and then go down on his woman as well... With the menthol taste sipping deep into her vaginal tunnels and rupturing her into fits of sexual ecstasy.

The much coveted Honey and Lemon flavor

These revelations shook the Internet and were immediately turned into hilarious memes across the net with many funny commentaries taking over the topic.

Even Mike Sonko, the Nairobi Senator, jumped on to to he topic. (Like he wouldn't.)

But how true are these claims? And are the faceless sex mongers who make up the Kilimani Mums conglomerate worth believing?

According to Melinda *, a city student, this is all but idle, cheap hogwash.

"I tried it over the weekend... Have tried it severally in the past. Like, maybe three or four times. It's all a silly myth. Nothing like that is true. My man didn't even notice I had just tasted strepsils. It's all a myth, " she scoffs.

But Brian, a colleague in the office, sees it differently.

"It's magic. I've seen it and I've experienced it. You can't just dismiss a whole theory because of one person who had trouble finding pleasure in it. I personally did enjoy it and it makes my bedroom experiences a whole lot better. Mimi natambua strepsils...., " he asserts.

An act of a woman going down on her partner Photo/ File

But there's no logical explanation that supports why the lozenge, which combines two antiseptics and Levomenthol , makes the sexual organs tickled and turned on to that effect.

" These tablets, a product of Britain's Reckitt Benckiser , are originally meant to relieve sore throats and sooth colds and flu effects. They are specifically made to combat the dryness in the throats as well as irritation and blocked noses and there's no way these same tablets, which provide a cooling effect necessary for soothing an inflamed tissue are the same tablets that can light up the private parts. It's preposterous " argues Dr. Edwin of Kahawa Wendani.

But one anonymous member of the Kilimani Mums still swears by the little medical tablets and has tried them in the past. At least, a particular flavor.

"These guys dismissing the theory are probably the same guys who suck in bed. Like, if you give a three year old boy a photocopier machine, would he he know what to do with it? Of course not. So, you need a professional to handle a product, " she says.

The sensual strawberry flavor

"Also, not all strepsils flavors have that magical sexual effect. There's a special type of flavors that are particularly exceptional in bed. Don't just pop any tablet. Try using either the Honey and Lemon flavor, Strawberry sugar free flavor or the Extra Strength Blackcurrant lozenges and your sex life will never be the same again "

But according to Brian, the Honey and Lemon flavor is sent from heaven.

"Don't try anything else. Just go straight to the honey and lemon. This is pure heaven, "

But Doctor Edwin still sees no sense in all of this madness.

"For instance, the honey and lemon lozenges contain two active ingredients, amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol. These are both mild antiseptics that kill the bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections... I don't see how these same ingredients contribute to the improvement of bedroom matters. It's all a fallacy to me. A hyped myth I think, " he says.

But that won't stop hundreds of Nairobi women from sneaking into shops and chemists across the city in search of the dumbfounding aphrodisiac.

" I've never tried it. Never even heard of the theory until the last few days. Now, I'm determined to try it. I hope it works. Or maybe it even won't. I don't know. But I must try it and also, discuss it with him before I try it on him. Sitaki kumsuprise," says Cate.

Well, the tablet remains a hot topic that is still gripping people and and lighting up female conversations across the Internet.

But to know whether it works or not, you will have to try it on your partner. And not rely on this article alone or some idle ramblings of a sex-mad Facebook group.


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