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10 house adjustments not to make to avoid friction with Kenyan landlords

Some tenants go to the extent of demolishing walls in the house to suit their needs

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Maintaining a harmonious relationship with your landlord is crucial for a stress-free and comfortable living experience.

While personalizing your living space is important, some adjustments may not sit well with the landlord and could lead to potential friction.

Here are ten adjustments you should avoid making to your house to ensure a positive rapport with your landlord.


Altering the paint colours without seeking prior approval from the landlord can lead to disputes over the property's aesthetic appeal.

Adding permanent fixtures like built-in shelving units or intricate lighting without consultation can cause disagreements over property modifications.

Making structural changes, such as removing or adding walls, can significantly impact the property's layout and may not align with the landlord's vision for the space.


Extensive renovations in the kitchen or bathroom, such as replacing fixtures or tiling, should be discussed with the landlord to avoid disagreements over property modifications.

Installing new flooring or removing existing flooring without the landlord's permission can lead to disagreements over property maintenance and standards.


Making changes to the property's exterior, such as painting or adding structures like sheds or fences, should be approached cautiously to avoid disputes over the property's appearance.

Attempting to modify the plumbing or electrical systems without proper authorization can pose safety risks and may lead to conflicts over property maintenance.


Adding satellite dishes or antennas without consulting the landlord can lead to disputes over property aesthetics and potential damage to the building's structure.

Subletting the property or hosting Airbnb guests without the landlord's consent can violate lease agreements and lead to legal disputes and financial consequences.

Introducing pets into the living space without prior approval from the landlord can breach lease agreements and result in disagreements over property maintenance and cleanliness.


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