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Story of Khoja barber who uses engineering equipment to shave hair

Zachariah Mwaura's unique technique has prompted him to expand his business to accommodate the growing clientele.

Zachariah Mwaura shaving a client with geometric tools

Zachariah Mwaura, a masterful barber, has set the hairdressing world abuzz with his innovative approach to crafting precision haircuts by integrating geometric tools into his craft.

Using protractors and rulers, he has captivated the admiration and fascination of both clients and onlookers.

In a recent interview on Pulse Spotlight, Mwaura delved into the intriguing journey that led him to his unique style.

Surprisingly, his initial dream was to become an engineer; however, fate had other plans for him.


"I started this barber shop in August 2022 because I noticed the increasing number of clients. So, I decided to open this bigger barbershop," Mwaura explained.

So remarkable is Mwaura's talent that he has had to expand his business to accommodate the growing number of clients seeking his innovative haircuts.

Mwaura's path to hairdressing excellence began long before his venture into the professional world.


His haircutting journey commenced after completing his primary education, and it was during secondary school that he performed exceptionally well, securing a spot to pursue engineering at university.

Unfortunately, financial constraints prevented him from pursuing higher education, compelling him to return to his barbering roots.

Despite the setbacks, Mwaura's dream of engineering did not fade away. He continued to immerse himself in engineering books, honing his practical skills by experimenting with his clients' hair.

"Although I scored a B-minus in my KCSE, and I qualified for the university to become an engineer, I returned to my barbering work and started studying geometric books to apply engineering principles to the art of hairdressing," Mwaura revealed.


His impressive array of geometric tools includes a geometrical compass, a ruler, and a protractor, which have become favourites among his clients, particularly for precise beard trims.

Introducing his geometric technique was not without challenges. Initially, some clients were skeptical, expressing doubts about his unconventional approach.

However, as they experienced the precision and creativity in his cuts, they became enthusiastic advocates of his unique style.


Despite his growing success, Mwaura also faces criticism from social media trolls, claiming he lacks understanding of the art of shaving.

Others dismiss his use of geometric tools, labelling them as relics of the classroom. Nevertheless, Mwaura remains steadfast in his passion and vision for the future.

In fact, he aspires to see his geometric technique introduced in schools, enabling young learners to explore the art of shaving early on and empowering them to use geometric tools effectively.


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