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10 ways to incorporate baby oil into your beauty routine

Baby oil is a must-have!

Removing makeup (courtesy)

I can never go without baby oil in the house. It’s one of my holy grail beauty products. You know why? Cause there are so many things you can use baby oil for and, it’s pretty affordable, goes a long way and leaves you smelling like a baby. Next time you go shopping for your beauty products, grab a bottle of baby oil and add it into your beauty routine as it can be used for:

1. Perhaps one of the best discoveries out there, removing makeup.

OMG you guys *insert Kim Kardashian accent* baby oil is the easiest way to remove makeup. We all know that taking off makeup is not the most fun thing in the world. But all you have to do is wet a cotton wool or cotton pad with some baby oil and use it to remove makeup. Good thing with this method is that it also helps gently take off even all that stubborn mascara and eye makeup and matte lipstick easily without you having to splurge on expensive makeup removal products.


2. Removes freeze on hair.

You know those days when your wig edges look like a whole mess and you have no hair polish? Simply apply a teeny weeny bit of baby oil on your fingers and rub the edges of your wig. You could also put a bit of the oil on your comb and brush the wig from the roots down to the edges for it to get just a little bit of that oil. This will help remove the freeze and leave it looking shiny. Don't use it on the scalp though or natural hair.

3. To mix your foundation, if you have dry skin.

If you have dry skin, sometimes the foundation can end up looking so matte. If you want a more dewy look, mix your foundation with a little bit of baby oil before applying and this will give you a more dewy look. If you have oily skin, this is definitely not for you.

4. Baby oil for chapped lips.


Not only will it moisturize those dry lips, but will also leave them looking glossy.

5. And speaking of glossy lips, we all know that matte lipstick can feel a little dry right?

If you want your lips to have just a little bit of shine, dab a tiny bit of baby oil on the lips after applying matte lipstick to get that glossy kissable finish.

6. Ever worn a ring that was too tight that it wouldn’t come off?


Well, baby oil to the rescue. Simply apply lots of baby oil all over your finger and then pull out the ring and it will easily slide out.

7. To remove ear wax.

Cleaning your ears using cotton buds is bad and can actually push the wax further into your ear canal. An easy way to clean them is by pouring just a bit of baby oil in the ears then using tissue to clean. This will help the wax come out on its own, doesn’t have to be immediately…but yeah, it helps clean the ears.

8. As a shaving cream.

You can use baby oil to shave your legs for instance. It does a great job and leaves your legs smooth and moisturized.


9. For cuticles.

Apply baby oil all over your fingernails and massage them. This will not only moisturize your hands but also make it easy for you to push back the cuticles.

10. As a moisturizer.

After showing, apply baby oil all over your body and this will effectively moisturize the whole body and hey, leave you smelling good. 


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