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11 struggles nail biters understand so well

True or false?


Gosh coming from someone who used to bite their nails, I can tell you that the struggle is real. Whether or not you used to bite and stop, or you’re still biting them, there’s no denying that it’s a really addictive habit and, kinda gross. Imagine all the dirt and germs on our fingers and under the nails…yikes. But that’s not the point of the article, let’s comb through the struggle that nail biters can understand too well.

1. Basically, your nails look like this, on a good day...


2. You just can’t help yourself, and it gets worse when you’re nervous, watching a movie, bored etc.

3. People are shocked when they see your fingers and make remarks like “That must be painful”.

But the most common is, “When are you going to stop eating your nails?”

4. When people see you eating your nails, they slap your hand away from your mouth but they don’t understand that it’s a mission that needs to be completed!


5. You’re conscious of how your hands look like and constantly hide your hands when you get the chance.

You wish you had pretty nails whenever you’re holding a glass of champagne or a wine glass.

6. You don’t own any hand jewelry like rings…what’s the point when you have such ugly nails.

7. It’s painful. Especially when you have the little skin around the nails begin to peel.


8. Peeling labels and opening cans is a struggle.

9. You have tried to stop yourself from biting your nails using all the methods out there like applying pepper on your fingertips, or sealing them with band aids.

But that didn’t really help.


10. You dread a trip to a manicurist because they give you judge-y eyes and make comments like “These kind of nails are double the work”.

11. When your nails grow to the length of drumming the table, you get so excited…but then, you bite them off!


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