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5 habits that can help you live longer

Most people like to improve their health so that they can live as long as possible.

5 habits that can help you live longer

Eating right, being physically active and managing your stress levels can go a long way in increasing your lifespan.

Exercising reasonable precautions, adhering to your health checkups can also help.

However, there are a few other things you can do to increase your chances of living a long life.


Here are 5 of them:

1. Drinking clay

According to Bustle, drinking bentonite clay helps promote the growth of intestinal microorganisms. They modify the bacteria content in the gut which makes it healthier. Other foods you can eat for the same effect are garlic, onions and asparagus.

2. Cleanse your brain

This can be done by getting enough sleep.


3. Irrigate your nose

Buy a pot designed to help flush your nose with water and a salt solution. It cleans out your nose, sinuses, reduces cold infections, upper respiratory infections and sinus infections.

4. Walk barefoot

According to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health being barefoot allows us to absorb the earth's electrons, which can aid in stress reduction, better sleep, and reduced pain.

5. Take more naps


Over your lunch break, take a half hour nap to boost your mood and increase your energy.

6. Take warm lemon water

Taking a glass of warm lemon water the moment you wake up helps your liver's health by reducing inflammation.



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