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5 mistakes you should never make during labor

They put you and the baby at risk


Those who have been there say it’s no walk in the park. While the pain could be too much to bare and all you want is to get your baby, there are things you need to stay away from.

Especially if you are a first time mom, you may commit a mistake unknowingly which will put you or your baby at risk.


Regardless of the situation, make sure you do not do these things during labor:

1. Over exerting yourself

When in labor, you are supposed to move around and you can also do simple exercises. It’s good for you and the baby. However, be sure not to overdo it. Labor is tiresome and since you are not sure how long it will take before getting your baby, it’s good to also rest. Resting will prevent you from burning out during the delivery process.

2. Not moving around

Even though you should not over do the movements, staying in one position for so long is also not good. It makes the contractions more painful and can also halt labor.


3. Refusing to be induced

If the doctor recommends inducement, it’s probably because it’s the best option for you and the baby. So, don’t be stubborn. It’s painful but just accept it because no professional doctor will recommend it with no medical reasons.

4. Holding your breath

You inhale and exhale every day and you might think it will be the same during labor. But with the pain, exhaustion and anxiety, controlling your breath can be difficult. Holding your breath during labor cuts the supply of Oxygen to the baby thus reducing the baby’s heart rate. If this happen, the doctors might be forced to rush you to the theatre for a cesarean section to save the baby.


5. Pushing too early

So all you want is get to the hospital and start pushing. We get all that but hey, you got to take things slow. Your body will tell you when it’s best to start pushing because you will feel an irresistible urge. Pushing too early will drain you, cause your cervix to swell, and delay delivery.


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