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7 things you should not do on an empty stomach

It's risky!


But, did you know that there are things you should not do on an empty stomach? Well, we will give you the low-down:

1. Take some medicines, especially anti-inflammatory ones like Aspirin and Paracetamol.

These anti-inflammatory meds should not be taken on an empty stomach not because their effectiveness will reduce, but because they can cause severe health problems like gastric bleeding. In general, you really shouldn’t take any medicine on an empty stomach, unless you’re required to.


Coffee, even if decaffeinated, will stimulate the production of acid that might cause a lot of digestive tract issues if drank on an empty stomach. In addition, you most likely will not even get the desired effects of drinking coffee if you skip breakfast as it could lead to the deficiency of serotonin, resulting in a gloomy mood. If you have no time for breakfast, drink your coffee with milk or cream as that reduces the negative effects.

3. Drinking alcohol.

We all know that you should not drink on an empty stomach and that’s because without food, the alcohol absorption rate by your body is much higher and this has negative effects like getting drunk fast and chances of a terrible hangover. In the long term, your heart, liver and kidneys could be affected. So always eat before you drink.


4. Chewing gum.

When you chew gum, your organisms think that you’re eating food which will have to be digested soon and your stomach then makes a digestive acid, which destroys the stomach, when empty. Overindulgence with gum can eventually lead to the development of Gastritis. Also, don’t chew gum for more than 10 minutes, even on a full stomach.

5. Going to bed hungry.

Going to bed on an empty stomach and on a low glucose level will not only lead to lack of sleep, but will also cause superficial sleep and you may wake up earlier than expected. Lack of sleep will in turn increase the level of hunger hormones and you will wake up so hungry the next day.


6. Drinking citrus juice.

Acid harms the stomach lining. If you have to drink citrus juice, dilute it with water as it will become less harmful and it will not lose any of its benefits.

7. Arguing.

You have heard of the saying; a hungry man is an angry man? Yeah. Scientists have proven that hunger makes us less composed simply because self-control requires energy, which is in short supply when we're hungry. So, before you get into a discussion with someone, grab a quick bite or have a warm drink.



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