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8 great uses of coconut you should know about

From using it in food to using it on hair coconut oil has numerous great uses.

From cooking with it to using it to condition your hair; the list of uses is endless.

Here are some great uses for coconut oil you should know about.

1.Great for hair


Coconut oil contains fatty acids that that penetrates through hair faster. It can help moisturize and prevent hair loss as well.

Apply a little bit of coconut oil in your hair, comb your hair then cover your hair for better results. Rinse it off the next day and shampoo for a shinier healthier look for your hair.

2.It can be used as a body moisturizer

Coconut oil provides hydration for your skin leaving it looking smoother and shinier. Plus it smells great so why not.

3.You can cook with it


4.Helps to provide relief for burns

Coconut oil acts as a burn relief thanks to its antibacterial properties. It has also been proven to reduce infection and speed up healing of wounds.

5.Remove eye make-up

Dab a bit of coconut oil on cotton wool and gently swipe away your eye make-up. It helps keep your eyes hydrated while easily removing your make-up.


6.Soothe chapped lips

Apply a little bit of coconut oil on dry lips to give them a smooth and soft finish.

7.Natural deodorant

For those that are not into processed deodorant then coconut oil should help keep the sweat odor away. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties helps to fight the odor smelling bacteria.

It keeps your armpits soft and reduces irritation of your under arms.


8.Helps to prevent in-grown hairs

One of the most annoying things about shaving is having to deal with in-grown hairs but coconut oil can help with that.

Rub a bit of it on the most bump prone areas to help soften the skin which will make it easier for hair to grow through the follicle.


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