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9 tips to be a better kisser

Start slowly


Have you ever kissed someone who left you asking yourself “What the hell was that? Ew!” Yeah, some kisses can be freaking disgusting. Especially if they’re sloppy and the person has no idea what to do. If someone cannot kiss, really, what can they do? I would imagine their bedminton skills are way below par. Listen, kissing doesn’t have to be that complicated. If you’re really bad at it, or maybe just want to become a better kisser, follow these tips.

1. First things first, you gotta maintain hygiene.

Obviously, no one will kiss you if your mouth stinks. If you just had lunch or dinner, pop a mint before you go ahead and kiss someone. Ensure that you exfoliate your lips frequently, to remove the dead skin and always have smooth juicy lips.

2. When kissing, start slow…


There’s no hurry in Africa. Some people will go in so fast, you’d think it’s an eating competition. Chill out, start slow, create a buildup…

3. Go with the flow of your kissing partner.

If your partner is kissing the bottom lip, don’t start your own styles and start pushing your tongue in their mouth. Kiss their upper bottom. The kiss needs to be in sync. You both need to be following a certain rhythm.

4. Not too soft, not too hard.


Keep the teeth away, a little nibbling and lip biting is okay, a little tongue is also okay, but don’t be too harsh. Also, don’t spit in their mouth, for the love of God. Only spit if they’re into that kinda weirdo shit and if you have known them for long. Or, just don’t.

5. Tilt your head.

This gives you better kissing angles.

6. Close your eyes.


Well, because kissing with wide eyes pen is simply creepy. Don’t you think?

7. Pause for air and to also swallow excess saliva.

During the pause, you can be creative, kiss their neck, or slowly touch their lips with your finger.

8. Use your hands.

Don’t just stand there kissing, arms akimbo or something…rub your partner’s back, touch their hair, hold their neck, hold their head with both hands, squeeze their butt, (ladies, you can also squeeze the man’s butt). You get the drift?


9. Lastly, just relax, be comfortable, breathe, and just enjoy the kiss.


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