Incredible benefits of massaging your face

Have you tried facial massage?

Facial massage helps in blood circulation (oneandonlyresorts)

If you are not already into facial massage, you are missing on the amazing benefits. Celebrities have been using massage rollers for quite some time now and seem like it wasn’t just another fad. It’s a skincare routine that comes with super amazing benefits for your face. Still not convinced that you should start it? That might be different after going through the below-mentioned benefits of facial massage.

1. It’s relaxing

Want to feel invigorated every morning after waking up? Sometimes not even the shower does it and you have to look for an alternative. Just like other parts of your bodies go through stress and start aching and swelling, the same thing happens to your face. You know how it feels after you have gotten a back massage, don’t you? That nice relaxed feeling is what you enjoy after having a good facial massage.

2. Facial massage reduces anxiety and negative mood

A study that was done to determine the effect of a 45 minutes facial massage on women’s anxiety and mood found that indeed, facial massage had a positive impact. The stress and anxiety levels went down after the massage proving that facial massage is not just great for physical benefits but also psychological.

3. It increases blood circulation

Facial massage also helps in rejuvenating your skin since it increases blood circulation. Improved blood circulation means more oxygen to the skin and more nutrients that help in rejuvenating your skin. While it’s good to get a professional facial massage once in a while, you can also do it at home more often. You can invest in a massage roller and be massaging your face from the comfort of your home.


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