There is so much information you might have acquired through reading, watching or even hearing from people about beauty tips. The truth is that not every beauty tip that is trending works. In fact, some of them are just myths. Sad, right? Don’t just go about following every advice you read on the internet. Some of the tips that promise glamour may only make your skin worse.

Have you been following these beauty tips religiously expecting results? Well, sorry to disappoint you but they are just myths:

1. Cutting hair makes it longer

Long natural hair(jozefsyndicatela)

A common one I must agree. If you have been cutting your hair after every few months and expecting it to grow longer, you have been living a lie. Cutting hair can strengthen your strands and prevent breakage but it will never make your hair grow. Hair growth begins at the scalp and you thus have to take care of the scalp for your hair to grow longer.

2. Plucking a gray strand leads to many more

This is just another old myth that you should stop believing. When you pluck one strand, it does not affect the other strands and they will therefore not turn grey.

3. Expensive skin products are always effective

Skin care(kuulpeeps)

What a lie! Some expensive products can be really good for the skin but don’t always go for the expensive one expecting magic. Some products are just expensive because they are selling the brand. It’s, therefore, possible to have expensive yet ineffective skin care products.

4. People with oily skin shouldn’t moisturize

I have heard people say, “my skin is oily so I don’t moisturize”. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizing is important. When you don’t moisturize, your skin produces more oil to prevent a dry case. You only end up oilier. What people with oily skins should do is invest in an oil-free moisturizer but not skipping it altogether.

5. Dirt makes your hair grow faster

Washing hair(Bronze Magazine)

Seen people who stay for months without washing their hair so that it can grow longer? This is just a myth. Your hair will grow longer and stay healthier when both the hair and the scalp are clean and moisturized.