5 common makeup mistakes that make you look older

Stop them

However, wrong use of makeup can make you look older than you actually are. As the years move, your skin evolves and so should your makeup. Your skin needs now are different from those of ten years ago.

Therefore, if baby powder was your savior back in the early 2000s, it may not do you good now. You have to know what is good for your skin now and what no longer works for your skin. Sometimes no make up at all is always better than wrong makeup.

Here are common mistakes that can make you look older:

1. Excessive powdering

A little powder is good for correcting your skin imperfections but turns out to be a mess when used too generously. Too much powder can settle around your eyes highlighting the developing wrinkles thus adding some years on you.

2. Applying too much concealer

All in the effort to achieve that perfect look, you may end up using too much concealer than needed. Too much concealer on the dark circles will highlight your wrinkles and make you look older.

3. Thick foundation layer

Foundation gives you an even looking skin but too much of it will settle in your skin lines and creases highlighting your flaws. Just use enough foundation to smoothen your complexion instead of too much that makes you look flaky.

4. Deep lip colors

Colors have a great way of creating an illusion. The choice of your lipstick color can either give you a youthful or elderly look. Dark colors make surfaces look smaller and that’s exactly what dark colored lipstick does your lips. To create an illusion of full and luscious lips, go for bright colors such as red, pink and peach.

5. Neglecting your brows

As you age, your brows grow thinner and may not grow back again. Not filling them however makes you look even older. Using a pencil to fill them defines your features and gives you a youthful look.


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