Believe it or not, one of these women is the mother to the other two

Can you guess who is the mother?

Imagine being over 40 and people cannot tell you and your daughters apart? That’s just goals.

One such lucky woman is Kienya Booker. Even though Kienya already had a huge following on her Instagram thanks to her natural hair chronicles and brand ambassadorship, she went viral after posting a photo of herself and her two daughters. The internet literally went wild trying to guess "who's the mom".

Kienya who is turning 41 this year continues to shock internet users with her youthful looks. The mother of 3, (she also has a son) basically looks like a 25-year-old, taking the saying ‘Black don’t crack’ to a whole new level.

Now with a following of over 100k Instagram followers, you’ll still find comments on her photos praising her looks while others continue to wonder which one is the mother.

Check out their photos.


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