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Ladies, here's why you have dark inner thighs

Here's why

Causes of dark inner thighs

The other day I was having a normal chat with a male friend and I happened to ask him what one of his turn offs was when it came to sex. He went on to list a couple of things, you know, the usual, weird smells, yada yada but what caught my attention was him saying that ladies with dark inner thighs are a huge turn off for him because in his words, they appear like some sort of sickness. To be honest I understand where he was coming from. Dark inner thighs and armpits are not a pretty sight and in fact, many ladies are very conscious about that, imagine not wearing a bikini or a cute set of lingerie because your thighs look some type of way. It can affect your self esteem so much so that you’re even afraid to have sex or let a man go down on you for fear of what he will think. But, if you have inner dark thighs, fret not, first of all, you’re not alone and secondly, it’s totally normal, in fact, it’s not a sickness. Dark thighs can happen to anyone, regardless of their skin tone and it mainly occurs when the skin on the inner thighs produces excess melanin (the pigment that gives the skin its color) and this is called hyperpigmentation. So, what causes it? There are a number of reasons and we will comb through them:

1. Chaffing.

This is when your thighs rub against each other due to friction and it can occur during exercise or walking. Chaffing causes the skin to become thin, itchy and discolored with time. In addition, excess sweat and tight clothes can also cause dark inner thighs. Try and wear loose clothing and a biker to reduce the chaffing.

2. Hormonal imbalance.


This mainly occurs in women during lactation, pregnancy or even menstruation. During these times, some women may notice darkening of some parts of their bodies, including their inner thighs.

3. Medications.

Some medicines such as oral contraceptives or chemotherapy medications can cause changes in your skin and could be the reason behind your dark inner thighs.

4. Obesity.


Obviously, being overweight means that your thighs will rub against each other when you walk and this can cause your inner thighs to become itchy and dark.

5. Exposure to the sun.

Being under the sun for too long with your thighs exposed can increase the pigments that make your skin dark.


6. Diabetes.

7. Acanthosis nigricans.

This is a skin pigmentation disorder that’s mainly found in body folds like the armpits, groin, navel etc. This condition makes dark patches and discoloration to occur on your skin.

8. Dry skin.

So, you have dark inner thighs, what are your options?


First of all, you can try out home remedies to get rid of the darkness and if it fails, you could visit a dermatologist to recommend medication for you that can fix the hyperpigmentation.


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