5 health and fitness gifts for this holiday season

The best gifts for that loved one who wants to live healthy.

Buying healthy gifts is not just getting someone a health manual or a fruit basket, the presents can be life-changing, can help them manage any costs that can come with the lifestyle change or just to make them feel loved and supported.

Here are 5 wellness gifts you can give this Christmas.

1. Gym membership

If your loved one already has a membership, you can pay for them to access an extra amenity. Should they just be starting out, you can buy them a gift membership, workout clothes or shoes.

2. Massages

3. Healthy cookbook

Pick out a cookbook that has fun, well-tasting, easy to manage healthy options that are practical.

4. Cookware

Instead of buying them nonstick pans which may have harmful chemicals, you can buy your loved ones enamel cast saucepans, stainless steel utensils, bamboo cutting boards. Juicers, steamers and slow cookers can also make excellent gifts.

5. Buddy workouts

Volunteer to spend time with your friends or family while they're going through their workouts. Especially if they need motivation. You can be a workout buddy to them or be their greatest cheerleader.

Happy Holidays.


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