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Here's what happens to your body when you drink coconut water

You got to try this

Most people are just interested with the edible part of the coconut oblivious of the health benefits contained in the water.

While the water’s taste may not be the best, you will soon be thankful that you chose to drink it.

So, here’s what will happen to your body when you start drinking coconut water:


1. Keeps you hydrated

Coconut water helps your body stay hydrated especially in hot places which is probably the reason why people walk around sipping madafu at the coast. In fact, coconut water is known to be more hydrating than pure water. Also, it hydrates you quickly as it is absorbed directly into the body.

2. Lowers blood pressure

This natural delicacy helps keep your blood pressure at par. Coconut water contains 600mg of Potassium per every 240ml which is quite an impressive amount for people with high blood pressure. Also, it contains compounds which prevent formation of blood clots that may block the arteries.

3. Kidney functions


Most of the foods we eat are high in Sodium and low in Potassium. Sodium promotes fluids retention and the kidneys have to work extra hard in order to get rid of the excess fluids. On the other hand, the Potassium contained in coconut has diuretic effects helping the kidneys flush out excess fluids. The diuretic effects in coconut water also helps in preventing kidney stones.

4. Solves digestion problems

Indigestion may result from gut infections or toxins from the food we eat daily. Coconut water is known to promote bowel movement and prevent issues to do with a bloated stomach. Thanks to the high concentration of fiber in coconut, its water reduces the occurrence of indigestion.

5. You lose weight


Looking forward to lose some weight? Try out the coconut water. It’s extremely low in fats and calories making it ideal for persons who want to lose weight. Also, the water makes you feel fuller for longer thus suppressing your appetite.


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