6 common causes of itchy eyes you sould know

Here’s why your eyes itch.

itchy eyes(All About Vision)

Itchy eyes is a common problem and if you are concerned about it, you should see a doctor for treatment.

Even so, it helps to know the causes of itchy eyes just in case it’s something you can avoid. Check out some of the common causes of itchy eyes:

1. Irritating products

The skin care products and the makeup you use could be the cause of itchiness. The chemicals in the products may irritate your eyes making them itch. Trying mild products on your face and hypoallergenic cosmetics especially those used around the eyes can prevent the itching.

2. Eye strain

All thanks to technology, digital eye strain is more common than ever. People spend long hours on the screen which strains the eyes, causes fatigue, headaches and could also affect your vision on the long term. Change of lighting could also irritate your eyes.

3. Foreign object in the eye

Whether it’s an insect or dust particles, they are possible causes of itchy eyes. If you feel like you have something in your eyes, don’t scratch it away. Instead use water to flush it out since scratching could lead to cornea abrasion exposing your eyes to infections.

4. Allergy

Another major cause of itchy eyes is exposure to allergens. Your eyes could be allergic to animal fur, certain foods or touching some plants. If you are aware of what triggers your allergy, just stay away from it. Over the counter antihistamines should also help calm the problem.

5. Blepharitis

This is a condition where the eyelids get inflamed as a result of bacterial infection. The infection causes itchiness and could lead to blurred vision.

6. Dry eye syndrome

In this situation, the eyes lack enough moisture and lubrication exposing them to dust particles and other foreign substances that cause irritation.


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