Common hair myths you need to stop believing

It’s all a lie

Hair myths you need to stop believing (Ebony Magazine)

It’s likely that you have already heard about some of them. And all this time, you have thought it’s the truth.

Sadly, some of the things you have been hearing about your hair are all myths. Myths that you should stop believing because they have no effect on your hair.

Check out some of the most common hair myths:

1. Cutting your hair often makes it grow

We were all made to believe that trimming hair more often will make it grow faster. There is no scientific proof to this. Given that the hair grows from the root, or the scalp if you like, the hair growth has nothing to do with the strands. If there is anything you should do enhance your hair growth, it should be taking proper care of your scalp. This is where everything begins.

2. Pluck one gray hair and get more

This is another fairy tale that you should not believe in the 21st century. If you had one gray hair, you were warned not to pluck it lest your head is filled with lots of them. Each strand grows from a single follicle. There is no way that several gray hairs will grow from the one single follicle from which you pluck your gray strand.

3. Dandruff is a sign of dry scalp

What do you do when your scalp is itchy and flaky? Most people rush to moisturize the scalp because they believe it’s dry. On the contrary, dandruff tend to occur when the scalp is too oily. The type of yeast that causes dandruff thrives best in an oily environment.

4. Poor hygiene causes a flaky scalp

Don’t be too fast to judge when you see someone with a flaky scalp. It’s not that they neglect their hygiene. Dandruff could result from several things such as lack of proper diet and sensitivity to certain hair products.

5. You can’t dye your hair when pregnant

That hair color can be absorbed into your system and affect your unborn baby is another white lie. The only fear you might have about hair dye is inhaling ammonia but it’s usually in very low amounts that can hardly affect you.


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