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Common mistakes we all make when doing laundry

Usiweke sabuni nyingi

Laundry mistakes(Africa Rising)

No one looks forward to doing laundry. Other than being tiresome, we hardly give much thought to the whole process. As long as the clothes are clean, the process does not really matter. That, though, should not be the case.

Next time you are doing your laundry, be keen not to repeat these mistakes that most people do:

1. Too much detergent


Too much washing powder does not mean that the clothes will be cleaner. If you have to add so much detergent, it means your detergent is weak and you should probably change. Other than that, too much detergent leaves irritants on the clothes which can affect your skin.

2. Adding detergent on clothes

You should start by putting clothes, then water then detergent for even distribution of detergent.

3. Not closing zippers


How many of us remember to do this? The zippers can get hooked up in other clothes and even tear the light ones.

4. Not reading labels

The only way to know how you should clean and dry your clothes is by reading the tag.

5. Forgetting the bleeding test


If you bought a new colored T-shirt, be sure to check dip part of it in soapy water first and see if the water gets discolored.

6. Scrubbing stains

The best way to deal with stains is by handling them as soon as the mess happens. If you have to wait until laundry day, don’t scrub off the stain as it may spread to other parts. Soak the garment first then hand wash to remove the stain.

7. Hanging knitted and woolen clothes


You should air them on a flat surface lest they lose their shape.


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