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Medical reasons why you may be forced to undergo Cesarian section

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Natural birth is considered to be the best. Even so, some women still opt to undergo a caesarian section for personal reasons. Then, there is this other group of women who really wish to have a vaginal delivery but they just can’t; due to some medical reasons.

Check out some of the medical reasons why you may be forced to undergo a caesarian section:

1. The baby is in breech position


Normally, the baby’s head should be facing down. But if the bum or the feet is down instead, you may have to undergo a C section. Although some babies are still born naturally even in breech position, it’s risky and doctors do not recommend it.

2. Repeat C section

Most women who have undergone a C section can still have a successful vaginal delivery. However, depending on the condition of the scar, one may be forced to undergo another CS; especially if the doctor thinks that normal delivery might lead to tearing of the scar.

3. Chronic health problems


If the mom has gestational diabetes, herpes, HIV, heart disease or high blood pressure, the doctor may suggest a C section. Some conditions are risky to the mom while others such as HIV and herpes are dangerous for the baby.

4. Fetal distress

This mostly happens when the baby is not getting enough supply of Oxygen. Sometimes the umbilical cord coils around the fetus’ neck hindering the supply of Oxygen. Under such circumstances, the doctor will recommend an emergency caesarian section.

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5. Stalled labor


This is also known as prolonged labor or failure to progress in labor. If labor has slowed or stopped, or the cervix is no longer dilating, the mom may have to undergo a CS. For new mom, prolonged labor is considered to be more than 20 hours while for mom who have given birth before, it’s considered to be more than 14 hours.

6. Multiple births and baby size

If the baby is too large for vaginal delivery, the doctor may recommend a CS. Although twins can be delivered naturally, a CS may be recommended in cases of multiples of three or more. This may depend on their position as well as their sizes.

7. Placenta previa


This is not a very common condition but it happens. When the placenta lies low partially or fully covering the cervical area, a CS is recommended.


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