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Common wig mistakes you must avoid

Avoid them at all costs

Wigs mistakes to avoid (Amazon)

If you don’t already own at least one wig or two, you need to do so. They are not just the current trend but they save you money and save the day on those bad hair days. Needless to mention how helpful they are when it comes to protecting your hairline. With a wig, you can plait simple cornrows especially now that most people are at home and then wear a wig only when you need to go out.

But even as we embrace wigs, we also need to avoid making some very common mistakes - more so if you are a beginner.

Some common wig mistakes that people make include;

1. Not washing your wig regularly


You need to take good care of your wig just as you would do with your natural hair. Give it some love and it will serve you for longer. Usually, it’s advisable to wash your wig after every 10 wears although this can vary depending on the various products you use.

When washing, ensure you detangle it first, wash it gently with cool water and don’t skip conditioning.

2. Going for a generic cap-sized wig


We all have different head sizes and shapes. While generic caps are adjustable, they just do not turn out as well as the customized ones. That’ why you see people with wigs and you can tell that the wig does not fit. Or even worse, the wig keeps on sliding. Get a wig that has been customized to fit your head and go with its shape.

3. Forgetting your hair underneath

The hairstyle underneath the wig really matters as it determines how well your wig comes out. If you have bumpy knots, then your wig will also have some bumps. Make sure you do cornrows and if your hair is not plaited, comb it smoothly to make a bun at the back.


4. Choosing the wrong colours

Of course, you can always experiment with whatever colours. However, go for a colour that flatters your skin tone. If you are not sure if a certain colour will look good on you, be sure to seek advice from your stylist before investing in a wig.

5. Not moisturizing your wigs

Wigs are not hats that you just wear and go your way. Neither are they like your natural hair to produce oils. That means you have to oil them, comb and style them. You neglect them and they tangle after only a few wears.


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