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Dangers of being overweight during pregnancy

Watch out!

Pregnant woman(FAAI)

When trying to get pregnant, doctors advice that one should be the right weight. This is because being underweight and being overweight makes it harder for one to conceive.

Besides that, being overweight during pregnancy puts one at several other risks that we shall be looking at in this article. As such, in as much as you are likely to be feeling tired or never in the mood of exercising, it is important that you manage your weight during pregnancy. This is not just for your own health but also for the little life growing inside of you.

You will no doubt put on extra weight while pregnant but your doctor will tell you whether you are the right weight or not during pre-natal clinics. Some of the dangers of being overweight or obese during pregnancy include:

1. Gestational diabetes mellitus


Generally, overweight and obese people are a higher risk of being diabetic. Gestational diabetes mellitus is characterized by inadequate secretion of insulin or insulin resistance and overweight women are at high risk. Studies published in the LLW Journal showed that obese and overweight pregnant women were more resistant to insulin. This study found that the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus among overweight women was 3.5 women, 7.7 in obese women, and 11.0 in severely obese women. 

2. Cesarean section

If you want to deliver normally, one way to increase your chances is by observing your weight. Being overweight and obese affects the development of the fetus. Overweight and obese women are more likely to deliver large babies due to the high amounts of fat. Giving birth to large babies in return puts raise the risk of birth injuries, death of infants and the mom is also more likely to undergo a cesarean section.


3. Congenital abnormalities

Other studies published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed obesity is a risk factor of congenital disorders. Children born of overweight mothers had a 35% risk of having congenital abnormalities while those born of obese moms had a risk of up to 37.5%.

4. Overweight infants

Kids born of overweight moms are also at a higher risk of being overweight as compared to those born of moms with normal weight.


5. Pre-eclampsia

This is a dangerous condition that occurs during pregnancy and it can even be fatal. It is characterized by high blood pressure, swollen legs, and presence of protein in the urine. Pregnant women who have gestational diabetes mellitus are also at an increased risk of having pre-eclampsia.

6. Stillbirth

This is the birth of a baby that has already died in the womb. As research has it, stillbirths are more common among overweight and obese women than they are among women with normal weight.



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