7 common period myths you need to stop believing

It’s a lie

Busting period myths(girlu)

What’s the lamest thing you have heard people say about periods? People who lack sufficient knowledge about menstruation will say lots of things some of which are mere myths. And if you do not make the effort to find out the truth, you will end up believing in lies.

In this article, we debunk some of the most common misconceptions about periods.

1. You should not exercise during periods

That it is unhealthy to exercise during your periods is just a lie. Unless you are cramping so bad or bleeding heavily, periods are no excuse not to exercise. In fact, experts say exercising during periods relieves the period pains.

2. Sex during periods is unhealthy

As long as you are both comfortable having sex during periods, there is no need to worry. No health risk is associated with period sex and you might even enjoy it more.

3. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex on your periods

It’s unlikely that you will get pregnant but it can still happen. Unless your period is super regular, you should use protection when having sex on your periods. If you have an irregular cycle, your fertile window may overlap with your periods.

4. Virgins cannot use tampons

First, using a tampon cannot break the hymen and the only way to break it through sex. Secondly, putting on a tampon is not painful although the comfort may vary from one woman to another.

5. Period blood is dirty

Some cultures isolate women when they are menstruating based on the popular belief that they are unclean. The truth is that period blood is no different from the blood you get after cutting yourself. Plus it’s not some kind of excretion like urine or feces.

6. PMS is all in your head

If she is craving chocolate or is highly irritable, she is not faking it and it’s not all in the mind. Blame her hormones for any changes.

7. The normal period cycle is 28 days

If your cycle is shorter or longer, it’s still normal. 28 is just the average but a normal cycle can fall anywhere between 21-40 days.


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