7 types of perfumes you need to know before buying one

Your guide to get the best perfume

Buying best perfume (halfmba)

Getting the right perfume can be very confusing. If you don’t know the different types and their purposes, then you will always be complaining about your perfume not lasting long enough.

The truth is, there are different types and each has a different concentration of fragrances. Your needs will help you choose the right one. Some can be too strong while some are quite mild. It all depends on your liking.

Some of the major categories of perfume include;

1. Perfume/parfum/elixir

It’s also known as Extrait de perfume or pure perfume. It’s usually the most expensive of all. It has the highest fragrance concentration and lasts the longest. Most perfumes contain between 20-30% fragrances and some can last for up to eight hours or more. The scents can be very heavy and you are only supposed to use a very small amount. People with sensitive skin can comfortably use this type since it has fewer amounts of alcohol.

2. Eau de parfum (EDP)

The fragrance concentration of this perfume is between 15-20%. It comes second from parfum in terms of price as well as longevity. Although the alcohol amounts are slightly higher than those in parfum, this category is also good for people with sensitive skin. EDP last for about 5-8 hours.

3. Eau de toilette

This is a light fragrance and it’s best for those who find the EDP too strong. It can last for up to five hours and contains a fragrance concentration of about 7-12%.

4. Eau de cologne (cologne)

The term cologne is in most cases used to refer to masculine perfumes. Colognes contain 2-4% of fragrances and have a high concentration of alcohol. Eau de colognes only last for about two hours.

5. Eau Fraiche

This is the most diluted version and thus has the least fragrance. It’s also the cheapest and it hardly lasts for more than an hour.

6. Body mist/body splash

They are milder as they contain fewer amounts of fragrance oils. You also splash them directly on the skin and they don’t last long. You might need to use body splash several times a day since it wears off much sooner.

7. Deodorant

These are meant to mask the body odor and some of them are also antiperspirants. They can come in form of a roll-on or a spray that you apply on your underarms to absorb the sweat.

Now you know what type to look out for next time you are shopping for perfume.


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