6 diseases you are likely to pick from the salon

Bet you didn't know


Well, regardless of how posh it may be, there is a possibility of contracting diseases when undergoing a manicure, pedicure or having your hair done.

This mostly happens when the tools are not well cleaned and sterilized. Check out some of the infections you are likely to get from the salon:

1. Athlete’s foot

This is a fungal infection that requires a moist environment and the pedicure bath tub is a perfect breeding place. Even if you walked into the salon clean, there is a possibility to pick the infection if the bathtub is not properly cleaned and sterilized.

2. Warts

This is a contagious skin infection that is spread by the Human Papilloma Virus. Although these growths can be on any part of the body, they are more likely to grow on your hands or feet. They are spread through getting into contact with someone who has them and using the same cosmetic tools among many clients in the salons increases the risk.

3. Herpes

This notorious infection can be really disturbing despite the fact that it’s treatable using antibiotics.  Sharing of instruments in the salons such as razors and towels can spread the infection from one client to another and only high standards of hygiene can prevent it.

4. Nail fungal infections

Improperly cleaned equipment at the beauty parlor can also lead to nail infections. So if you notice that your nails are more brittle, have thickened, or a change in their shape, you probably picked up a fungal infection.

5. Hepatitis

Pedicure tools and shaving tools at the barbershop are more likely to spread Hepatitis B and C. This is because the metallic tools can at times lead to bleeding and if not sterilized could pass the diseases from one client to another.

6. STDs

Waxing is known to cause rashes and burns and it’s even more dangerous if the waxing spatula is being reused. You could end up contracting Chlamydia or gonorrhea unknowingly.


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