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8 celebs who give us major dreadlocked hair envy (Photos)

Dare to dread!

So much so that you nearly went to the hairdresser to have your hair turned into dreadlocks? That's me when I see photos of Ndegz on my timeline. Ndegz is an up and coming singer/songwriter/producer who may not be known by those who aren't woke and is the epitome of 'Hot Rasta'. In fact, every time I see him on my TL I'm just like...

But enough of my thirst. My point was, some of these celebrities can inspire us to get dreads. While nowadays people get them cause they're trendy or simply because they want to avoid the daily hair combing and styling hustles, back then, and still in modern days, dreads were a religious and cultural symbol. People wore them to make a religious or political statement. The style is achieved via many methods, the most common being palm rolling the hair with wax.


To get dreads, you would have to have natural hair and start from scratch albeit, at present, locticians have figured out ways to fix already grown locs on your own hair and you no longer have to wait for several years for them to get to shoulder-length. Still, if you do not want dreadlocks you could opt for sisterlocks which are much thinner and more versatile in terms of styling.

Dreads are cute but you have to be willing to put in the effort to maintain them, otherwise you may end up looking like a hobo. You can also style them differently and even add color or shave the sides for a different look.

Thinking of getting dreads? Well, these celebs will give you major hair envy. These are the Kenyan celebrities who make us want to join the bandwagon as their dreads always look so neat and healthy.

1. Model, Sean Andrew.

2. Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Ndegz.


3. Singer and Marini Naturals Brand Ambassador Fena Gitu.

4. DJ Sadic.

6. K24's Ciru Muriuki.


7. Singer, Anto Neosoul.

8. Reggae artiste Nazizi Hirji.


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