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Important things you need to know before getting an IUD

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Every day you will see women on social media seeking advice about the best form of birth control.

There, you will find disappointed moms who ended up falling pregnant on birth control. Others rant of bleeding, putting on weight, nausea and even losing weight. The struggle has never been so real. However, whichever method one opts for, it’s important to know that no one birth control method is good for everyone. Everyone reacts differently to a certain form of birth control. What works for woman A may not work for women B. The secret lies in knowing what works best for you.

That aside, for now, we wish to focus on one form of birth control: IUD. If you are considering to use the intrauterine device as a form of birth control, you need to be well informed. Read on to learn some important facts about IUDs.

1. IUDs are of two types


They can be hormonal or nonhormonal. Hormonal IUD works by releasing progestin which prevents the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. On the other hand, the nonhormonal IUD releases copper which is toxic against the sperm and makes it harder to for it to swim towards the egg.

2. The insertion hurts

Let’s be honest, the insertion process will be no walk in the park. The good thing, however, is that the process is quite short plus the service you get is worth the pain. That is if it works well with your body.

3. Your partner won’t feel them


If you are afraid that the IUD will affect your sex life, you shouldn’t. Although the strings hang down the uterus, your partner shouldn't feel them during sex. And if they do, it means the IUD is out of its position and you should see your doctor for repositioning.

4. Bleeding after insertion

Like most birth control methods, it has its side effects and one of them is bleeding. The bleeding may differ from woman to woman with some bleeding for a few days while others can go for over a week. Your periods may also suffer for the first six months. You may have long, painful and heavier periods.

5. It’s reversible


Once you are ready to conceive, all you need to do is have it removed. It only works if it’s inside your uterus and once it’s removed, your cycle goes back to normal. If you used the non hormonal IUD, your body needs just a month to get ready for conception. The hormonal IUD however, may take up to three months.

6. They are effective

Unlike the pill which you risk forgetting to swallow, once the IUD is in place, you are safe. It’s also rated as one of the most effective methods of birth control.


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