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This easy home remedy is the solution to cracked feet

Got cracked feet? Try this


They're caused by all sorts of reasons, the most common being lack of moisture, walking without shoes for long or wearing flip flops too often, standing for too long, obesity, ageing skin as you grow older, genetics, deficiencies such as lack of minerals like zinc, wearing ill fitting shoes, poor hygiene etc. In severe case of cracked heels, they can be very painful and even hinder your ability to walk properly. While you can go to a doctor for a proper diagnosis, which more often than not involves treatment that includes being given creams to apply, you can also try out the different home remedies out there. One of the most common remedies is applying Vaseline on your feet then wearing socks while going to bed.

This mostly works on the less severe cases. Everyone wants soft feet. You don't want to share a bed with someone and they end up scratching you with their feet all night long. Some cracked heels are so bad that they can even tear the bedsheets. If you have been suffering from this, and nothing seems to work, maybe you should try a home remedy that many DIY die hards swear by. It sounds weird but apparently, it works wonders and I always say, if you never try, you will never know. That said, here's a home remedy for cracked heels using Listerine mouth wash. Yes, you read that right:

What you will need:


1 cup of Listerine mouth wash

I cup of vinegar

2 cups of warm water



Mix the above in a basin then soak your legs for about ten minutes. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone (The stone used to scrub legs) so as to remove the dead skin. If your feet end up becoming blue from the Listerine, that simply means that you soaked your feet for a bit too long but worry not; simply mix sugar and Olive oil and scrub off the blue residue.

While this method will definitely give you softer feet, all the dead skin may not be over so you can repeat the process a few more times maybe once weekly till you're happy with the results.

Do remember to take care of your feet, oil them, wear the right shoes and maintain hygiene to avoid a repeat of the same.


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