10 things you should never say to a plus size woman

Don't even

Whether it's to do with health or fashion advice, many think that they have a right to say whatever is on their minds. There are many things you should never say to different women.

If you aren't plus size, you shouldn't even think it let alone say it.

Here are ten things you should never ever say to plus size women.

1. You are so pretty in the face

It's never necessary to point out the only parts you find attractive because you generally think fat people are repulsive. Keep such comments to yourself.

2. Don't you think it's time you lost weight?

Unless you are a doctor or a nutritionist, this comment is unwanted. It's not your concern.

3. Are you sure you need to eat more?

You think you are being helpful when you see an overweight woman reach for a second serving and you decide to make this comment. You are being snide and hurtful. Her eating habits are never going to be your responsibility.

4. You'd look better if you were skinnier

Everyone would look better if they fixed something. And in most cases, people are already aware of their flaws. However, if you think you are "improving" somebody by telling them this, then you are delusional.

5. Ugh, I'm so fat

And yet you aren't. Never say this in front of a fat person.

6. Ever thought about exercising?

Again, you aren't being helpful. And it really isn't any of your business.

7. Have you lost weight?

This is not a compliment. And stop that mental diary you have of someone's width.

8. I know this diet that worked for a friend of mine, you should try it

Do not recommend diet plans, fitness plans or any other weight loss regimens unless you were expressly asked for them.

9. You should be a plus size model

If you are short, skinny and basically attractive, nobody will ever come to tell you that you should be a children's clothes model. So why do you take it upon yourself to tell a plus size woman that she should consider a career in plus size modelling? Why try to give a purpose to her size?

10. Are you sure that will fit you?

Plus size women know their sizes. They know what they asked for. You don't need to make mean comments to try and remind them their sizes.


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