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Tips on how to shave 'down there' properly

You've been doing it wrong

Sometimes, when one is single, you really don't feel the need to shave especially because you're not particularly sexually active. In fact, some can go for months without shaving, leading to a whole afro growing down there, one that can even be plaited into cornrows.

The debate on whether to shave or not to shave is endless. Some claim that if something is on your body, it definitely has a purpose and should be left as is. Other ladies prefer to shave for hygiene purposes or because of their partners and of course for purposes of hitting the beach. You definitely don't wanna go to the beach with hairs peeking from your underwear so even if you're one of the ladies who prefer not to shave, I'd advise you to at least trim the bikini line. Body hair is kinda gross to be honest.


Anyway for those who shave, we can all agree that the struggle is real. You get razor rash, sometimes cut yourself, it gets super itchy and, well, we have to get into really awkward positions to get rid of all the hairs in the nether regions. And I mean all of them. If you've been struggling with the whole shaving bidness, we will give you some tips on how to shave your vagina correctly. You want it all smooth and nice, no rashes, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, pimples and all that shebang.

Let's get into it:

1. Trim the bush first. You can do this with your toiletry scissors, to prepare the vagina for a shave.

2. Perhaps one of the most overlooked steps, have a warm shower first, before shaving.

The warm shower will soften your hair follicles which will make the shaving process smooth.


3. Now, comes the important part, how to remove the hairs.

Apparently, the best way to do this is using olive oil and a man's shaving razor, preferably one with three or more blades.Using Olive oil is great in the sense it moisturizes your vagina at the same time.

4. As for the shaving process, before you start, apply Olive oil generously and let it soak for a few minutes before shaving.

After about ten minutes, start shaving in the direction of your hair. For instance, if your hair grows downwards, shave downwards.

5. Tighten your skin while shaving to prevent cutting yourself and to be able to get all the hairs.


You know what to do girl, get into that position, yeah, that one...

6. Once you have removed all the hairs, clean the area properly, avoiding douching so as not to change the PH of the vagina which can lead to yeast infections.

7. Tap the area dry, apply Olive oil to moisturize it, wear cotton undies and, enjoy your 'new' kitty.


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