Check out this stunning beaded cornrow ponytail style (Photos)

Must try!

The beaded braid styles range from beaded box braids to cornrows with beads. You can have short beaded braids or super lengthy braids with beads. One thing for sure though, whether you choose to have long or short braids, beads add some edge, making the braids look funkier. This braid style may not be necessary office friendly if you work in a formal work environment but it's okay for creatives, artistes or students.

The Fulani braids are still popping at the moment and if you want to try out beaded braids, you can try this beaded cornrow ponytail style that's so chic and cute. For this style, all the hair is plaited into a cornrow ponytail and some forward cornrow braids are plaited on each side of the head, this style (of having forward side braids) is an ode to the Northern Africa Fulani tribe who wear their hair into an updo, leaving some forward braids on each side of the head and adding chunky beads on them.

What I love about this style is that you can accessorize it differently with turbans and hats to achieve a different look.

Check out how to rock the hairstyle.

1. You can sweep the braids to the side.

2. Or have them at the back.

3. Feel free to add as many beads as you wish on each braid.

4. This is a chic style that can complement any outfit.

5. Take care of your cornrows for them to last and remember to lay those edges!

6. When you get bored of the braids, accessorize with a turban, leaving only the side braids.

7. Or wear a hat!


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