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This is why you should try rinsing your natural hair with beer

Your hair will thank you for the booze!

There’s so much you can do with every day items that lay unused in the house. DIY (Do It Yourself) projects can range from beauty, fashion to house and décor. Pretty much anything. You just need to be creative and super crafty.

Lucky for us, in this digital era where being a YouTuber or Vlogger is an actual career, we have so many tutorials from which we can learn new DIY projects. The other day we showed you how women are washing their faces with rice water, a practice that has been termed by many as Asia’s best kept secret. Now, we will show you how you can rinse your natural hair with beer.

I have not done the beer rinse myself but I have seen the process of the beer rinse through a project I was working on some time back and the hair did come out way softer.


So, beer rinse is done on natural hair damaged by heat, or to revert straight hair say blow dried or flat ironed hair back to curly natural hair. Beer contains malt and hops making it rich in proteins which are good for the hair. It also contains sugars that make the hair shinier and softer. In addition, it also balances the scalp's PH and it's believed that the maltose and sucrose in the beer help tighten hair cuticles, to add body to your hair.

While some Vloggers who have tried the beer rinse claim it did nothing for them, others are adamant that the beer rinse made their hair softer and brought back the curls.

The thing with DIYs is that you really can’t be too sure. Always try things at your own risk. There’s no harm in trying though right? That’s how many things get discovered. Taking the less travelled road could lead to great discoveries!

Note however, that this is not an every day thing as your hair can get damaged. Just do the beer rinse once in a while.


If you wanna try the beer rinse on natural hair, here’s how to go about it:

What you will need:

Small sprinkler bottle (optional)

A beer of your choice. My personal recommendation would be Guinness.



1. First, your hair needs to be already thoroughly washed. If you hadn’t washed it, you can start by washing it.

2.  You need to use flat beer.

Open the beer and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour. You can empty it into a jug.

3. Once it’s ready, empty the beer into the sprinkler bottle.


The advantage of using a sprinkler is you will not pour too much beer on yourself. Otherwise you can also pour the beer over the hair in a sink making sure that the entire hair is covered.

4. Once you have sprinkled all over the hair, let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes.

You’re free to wear a shower cap at this point.

5. Thoroughly rinse the hair, preferably with cold water to remove the beer smell.

6. Condition your hair and rinse, then dry and style your hair as desired.


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