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How to style your short natural hair into a slick high bun (photos)

Ladies, thank us later...

It's just there, in an awkward length and all you can do is either leave it as a short fro or do twist outs. We should be grateful for Content Creators such as Hair Vloggers who give us tips on how to have a seamless natural hair journey. Now, thanks to such aforementioned tips, we can tie our short natural hair into a high bun. This look is perfect for those days when you need to switch up the look say for a wedding.

It's pretty easy if you have the necessary products for your hair type which include:



1. Start by combing your hair upwards; at this point, if your hair is really hard, you can apply your leave in conditioner to help soften it.

2. Take your hair gel, one that works for your hair type, e.g Eco Styling Gel which is good for 4C type hair.

3. Apply it generously all over the hair.


4. Brush your hair upwards again and tie it tight using a hair band.

5. Tie a headscarf and dry the gel out to help it sit in well using heat from a blowdryer.

If you have none at home, you can let it dry manually for about an hour or so.

6. Once it's dry, take out your Marley hair or the faux hair extension you'll be using.

Partition the extension according to how big you want your bun to be. Tie an elastic hair band in the middle of the braid.


7. Using the elastic hair band, attach the extension to your own hair bun and partition the braid extension into two portions and then twist the portions into opposite direction and secure with pins.

9. Lay out the edges and spray some spritz to keep the hair in place and provide resistance from humidity.

10. Add some make up and earrings and voila! You're good to go!

You can watch the full tutorial here.


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