6 danger signs in babies you should never ignore

Call a pediatrician

Crying baby(Ebony Magazine)

It’s not uncommon for new moms to worry about the health of the baby. They don’t when to call a doctor or when to just relax or help the baby at home. All this confusion can be dangerous since one may ignore a serious symptom that could lead to fatality.

As such, it’s best if you know what symptoms to watch out for in babies, which ones to ignore and when you should call a doctor immediately. Check out some of the symptoms you should never ever ignore in babies:

1. Fever

Fever is not a thing you should ever ignore in babies as it can be fatal. Usually, when a baby has a fever, the body is usually responding to an infection. And since you can never be sure whether the source of the fever is a flu, pneumonia or a sore throat, just see a doctor soonest possible.

2. Endless crying

Babies cry so much, especially in the first month. But they are only trying to communicate their needs. But if your baby cries for long hours without stopping even after eating or napping, have them checked up.

3. Reduced energy

They may not jump around, but you can tell when they seem weak or are less active. If they are not as jovial as they usually are or they seem lethargic after waking up, they could be sick.

4. Changes in stool

You will need to closely monitor your baby’s stool to check for any changes. If the stool changes to whitish, dark or reddish, visit the doctor for treatment.

5. Strained breathing

If your baby is struggling to breathe, they could be having respiratory issues. Call a doctor or take them to the hospital soonest possible.

6. They turn blue

If the baby’s lip, tongue or the mouth has turned blue, it means the baby is not getting enough Oxygen. Consider this as an emergency and seek help immediately.


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