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5 unknown health benefits of Sukuma Wiki

Things you probably didn't know skunjes did for you

In most instances, we know the basics of the nutritional value of the common skunjes and spinach.

We all know that they're rich in iron and have enough vitamins to make a can of multivitamin supplements shrink away in embarrassment.

Here are 5 more benefits from collard greens that you may not have known.


1. It's a cancer fighter

Collard greens are rich in vitamin K which is very helpful in preventing colon, rectal and ovarian cancer.

2. Alleviates arthritis

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in the vegetable can help prevent autoimmune disorders and conditions such as asthma.

Vitamin C also helps with stiff joints.


3. Boosts immunity

Being rich in iron, sukuma wiki helps the body produce a healthy amount of blood. They are also highly concentrated in minerals that are very effective at warding off disease.

4. Weight management

As a zero fat vegetable, it's a perfect source of energy and is rich in fibre thus helping digestion.

It is perfect when used asfor detoxes or when you're watching your weight.


5. Healthy glowing skin

Being a natural hydrant, it keeps skin rejuvenated. The minerals found in the greens helps the skin maintain its elasticity.


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