How PVC carpets are dangerous to your health

The research was conducted by the Kenya Medical Research Institute.

A study released by Dr Olga Masendi, a research officer with the Kenya Medical Research Institute, has shown that PVC carpets could be harmful to your health.

The plastic carpets are popular among Kenyans.

The researcher stated that if the carpets aren't changed or aired at least once a week can harbour dampness and fungi.

This in turn can lead to increased allergic reaction and respiratory issues.

"Exposure to dampness or fungi is associated with the development of asthma and increased asthma morbidity," Dr Masendi is reported by The Nation speaking at the 8th KEMRI Annual Scientific and Health Conference in Nairobi.

The research included 60 houses in Busia where the researchers collected swabs from surfaces, tested the air and water, had participants fill in a questionnaire to determine the risks from indoor fungi.

It found that the residents were living exposed to indoor fungi that is associated with asthma, sinusitis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

79% of the fungi found is a species associated with itchy eyes and allergies.

The findings also showed that there was a correlation between the mould found and respiratory problems.

Dr Mashendi recommends changing carpets or airing the carpet at least weekly.

"Monitor fungi in your homes. Apply interventions to reduce fungi exposure."


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