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5 HIV/AIDS myths you need to stop believing

It's not true

Here are some of the most common myths about HIV that you should stop believing:

1. HIV is a death sentence

Gone are the days when the mention of HIV scared everyone to death. We are living in a new era where people living with HIV are leading normal and healthy lives. With medication, you can live longer and still pursue your dreams.


2. You can tell if someone is infected by their look

Even at this age and times, you will hear someone say, ‘but she didn’t look like someone who is infected’. Some people still think that you can tell if someone has HIV by judging from their physical appearance. As they say, looks can be deceiving.

3. You won’t get it if you are in a monogamous relationship

Because you do not have multiple sexual partners does not mean that you are completely safe from the risk of getting infected. While you may not be straying, there is always need to get tested with your partner after sometime especially if you suspect that they may be on drugs or straying.


4. Only promiscuous and drug addicts get it

Although gay men, drug users and promiscuous people are at a higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, so many other people contract the virus innocently. Some are born with the virus while others get it from their unfaithful partners.

5. You can have unprotected sex if you test negative

If you and your partner test negative, this should not give you a reason to enjoy unprotected sex. Sometimes, it takes up to three months for the virus to be detected. Therefore, it’s better to use protection as you await another test in three months’ time for verification.


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