Natural ways to raise your chances of conceiving a baby boy

Doggy style is the way to go

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No baby gender is better than the other. Even so, it’s normal to desire to have a specific gender.

If your desire, for now, is to get a baby boy, you should start working towards that.

Although the natural tips to increase the chance of having a baby boy are not a guarantee, there is no harm trying. There is nothing to lose and who knows? You might get the prince you have been wanting.

Check out some of the tips below:

1. Sex position

For you to raise your chances of getting a boy, deep penetration is required. You will need to change your sex position to allow for maximum penetration. Doggy style is just one of the positions that shorten the distance to the uterus and gives the boy sperm a chance to outswim the girl sperm.

2. Timing

The best time to conceive a baby boy is during ovulation or a few hours before ovulation. If you have sex days before ovulation, the boy sperm which is less resilient may die off before fertilizing the egg. But since the boy sperm is faster, having sex during ovulation will help it swim fast and fertilize the egg before the girl sperm.

3. Make sure you orgasm

Some women find it difficult to orgasm yet this is said to be requisite to conceiving a baby boy. For the boy sperm to survive longer, it requires an alkaline environment. When a woman orgasms, she releases an alkaline fluid giving the male sperm a conducive environment to survive.

4. Father’s sperm count

To increase your chances, the father also needs to have a high sperm count. The man should avoid ejaculating 5 days before ovulation in order to have a high sperm count.


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