Ladies, here are signs you're buying the wrong bra size

Your breasts are falling out of the cups

Signs your bra is the wrong size (Courtesy)

Surprisingly, a majority of women are not able to shop for the right bra size. When bra shopping, you need to be able to know the right size of your bust as well as the cup size. Wearing the wrong size of the bra can end up giving you back pain and even causing your breasts to sag as well as giving you a shapeless silhouette or making you look larger than you naturally are. Here are signs you're wearing the wrong bra size.

1. The straps keep falling off.

If this happens, try adjusting the straps to make the smaller and see if they fit properly. If they still keep falling off, that mean your bra is too big and you need to go one size down.

2. You have boob spillage.

This means that when you wear your bra, your boobies pop out on the sides and front. The cup of your bra is too small and you need to go one size up.

3. You wear your bra on the last hook and it's too tight.

Normally, bras come with at least three hooks. You're meant to wear your bra on the first or second hook since with time, the band expands. So it needs to feel tight when you're wearing it on the first hook. If it feels too tight on the last hook, it means it's too small for you.

4. The band at the back rides up.

When you wear a bra, the band at the back needs to be horizontal. If it rides up and appears curved, you definitely have the wrong bra and your breasts are not getting the right support. This means that you need to go a size down on the band size. When you wear your bra, you can use your hands to feel that the band is sitting horizontally on your back.

5. You have marks when you remove your bra.

It's too tight and you need to go one size up or readjust the straps and hook the band at the first hook.

6. Your bra cups are baggy.

The cups are supposed to be fitting. So if the cups are baggy, this means that you need to choose a cup size that's smaller. If you wear C cup, try B cup.

7. Your back hurts.

If you often suffer from back pain, it could be from wearing the wrong bra size. If you're not sure of your bra size, you can go get assisted by stockists who deal in lingerie as you shop for some new inner wear.


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