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How to know if the rash on your penis is from HIV

Should you be worried?

Penis rash(kikusumimagazine)

Rash on penis? Rashes can affect any part of your body but it can be worrying if it occurs on your penis. And while the rashes on your penis could be due to several reasons, they could be also due to HIV.

Identifying HIV rash

Two to four weeks after contracting HIV, rashes start appearing. The rash may last for around two weeks as the immune system tries to fight the infection. It may occur as a result of HIV, HIV drugs or other infections as a result of a weakened immune system.


Knowing whether the rash on your penis is from HIV will help you seek medication early enough before the symptoms get worse. So how do you know if it’s from HIV?

The HIV rash usually makes the affected area turn red with small itchy bumps. The bumps may also get painful. The HIV rash may also seem crusty with a white appearance. If you have rashes on other parts of your body as well, it could also be a sign of HIV in its early stages.

Other symptoms

If the rash is accompanied by other HIV symptoms, you should see a doctor and get tested for HIV. Some of the symptoms you may notice include:


A sore throat


Painful joints


Swollen glands



Anyone who has a rash on their penis should not ignore it since even if it’s not due to HIV, it could also be another infection that needs treatment. If it’s due to HIV, early treatment will help one lead a normal life and manage it.

Source: Medical News Today


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