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6 signs you have sensitive skin

Do you know your skin type?

Signs of sensitive skin (essence)

Your skin can be normal, dry, oily, combination or even sensitive. You need to know your skin so that you know how to properly take care of it. For instance, if you have dry skin, your skincare routine will be a bit different from that of someone with oily skin.

If you have sensitive skin, you will need to take extra caution. Sensitive skin and be caused by genetic reasons and it can also be triggered by certain things.

Some conditions that make your skin sensitive need treatment and you should thus see a dermatologist in order to start treatment as soon as possible.

If you are not certain whether your skin is sensitive or not, watch out for these signs:


1. Your skin reddens

One common sign of skin sensitivity is skin reddening. Whether it’s triggered by a skin condition or using certain products, people with sensitive skin get this more often. The redness goes away with minor treatment or once you stop using the product that triggered it.

2. Your skin is highly reactive


Sensitive skin reacts to soaps, perfumes, detergents, moisturizers, and even basic household products. The skin might react by becoming itchy, drying, or becoming red. When exposed to sun or cold, sensitive skin tends to flare up.

3. You are prone to breakouts

Sensitive skin tends to dry out often. This makes the skin to produce more oils to compensate for the dryness. The excess oils then clog the pores causing breakouts. You might also find that using acne treatments worsens the breakouts.

4. Frequent rashes and bumps


If you get rashes or bumps on your skin often, then your skin is likely to be sensitive. The rashes could be triggered by certain products like cleansers.

5. Your skin is dry

Dry skin does not necessarily mean that it’s also sensitive. All the same, the two can go hand in hand. Dry skin can be sensitive leading to breakouts and cracked skin. Your skin reacts when exposed to dry, cold and windy weather.

6. You are sensitive to sun rays


We bet you already know that you should not step out of the house without wearing sunscreen. People with sensitive skin are more affected by the sun. If your skin peels or gets easily irritated after being exposed to the sun, it’s a sign that your skin is sensitive.


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