8 ways to lose weight without joining a gym

No gym money? Try these tips

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If you’re trying to lose weight, perhaps as a new year goal and to be a better you, don’t stop. Keep trying, keep going. When trying to lose weight, many people decide to join a gym and make a few lifestyle changes. A gym is great because you will be following instructions form a professional trainer, you will be forced to go to the gym often cause after all, you have paid for it and don’t want your money to go to waste and you will be disciplined and consistent as opposed to working out from home where you can just decide not to work out simply because you feel lazy. However, if you have no money to pay for a gym membership, there are ways you can lose weight without necessarily having to join the gym. To get any positive results, you have to set goals and then work towards them, even for losing weight, the same applies. That being said, here are ways you can lose weight without joining a gym, or even if you have joined a gym, you can incorporate these things to speed up the weight loss process by burning some calories.

1. Drinks lots of water and take tea instead of coffee.

Coffee is said to be bad for weight loss because it burns out the adrenals and thyroid which leads to weight gain. Water will not only help flush out toxins but also aid bodily functions like digestion.

2. Eat a lot of fiber.

Incorporating lots of fiber into your diet is one of the known ways to lose weight. Fiber, both soluble and insoluble are great for the body as the latter helps quickly eliminate toxins from your body which could cause weight gain and also leaves you feeling full. So, eat foods rich in fiber.

3. Move a lot.

Instead of taking a taxi or driving to a nearby supermarket to grab a few things, walk. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. You get the drift, keep moving as this will help burn a few calories.

4. Exercise.

The best time to exercise is on an empty stomach as your body is forced to use fat for fuel instead of food. Muscles can use fat for fuel and when working out, and they (muscles) create lactic acid which melts the fat. These days, there are many phone applications that you can download and they will guide you on exercises you can do at home to burn calories.

5. Don’t be stressed.

A stress hormone called cortisol releases glycogen which releases blood sugar which in turn releases insulin which stimulates the formation of fat. So, might wanna keep those stress levels as low as possible if you’re trying to lose a few kilos.

6. Sleep earlier and longer.

Did you know that sleeping is one of the best ways to burn calories and fat. But it needs to be sound sleep. Lack of sleep slows down the metabolism and makes you hungrier.

7. Reduce or totally cut refined oils and sugars.

Now, it’s not easy to cut down on sugar and processed foods etc. But for starters, you can start out by cutting down the intake. If you used to take your tea with three teaspoons of sugar, try and reduce to 1 instead. If you eat sausages and bacon for breakfast every day, reduce to one day.

8. No more booze.

Sounds hard right? But if you want to lose those kgs and get a lean body, you have to say bye bye to alcohol because simply put, alcohol turns into sugar, which turns into fat.


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