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Excellent ways to burn fat without exercising

No more excuses

How to burn fat without working out(The Unz Review)

Can’t exercise and your weight is worrying you? No problem. You can still burn the excess fat without having to exercise. Whether you are just lazy, lack time to work out or your health cannot allow you to work out, it still can be done. How good does that sound, huh?

1. Drink water more regularly

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of staying hydrated. And if burning fat is one of the things you badly need to do, then drinking water regularly should not be an option. There are times you feel like you are hungry yet you are only thirsty and all you need is a glass of water and not a burger. Drinking water some minutes before eating will also make you eat less.


2. Eat more protein

Protein suppresses your appetite, makes you stay full for longer and eating more protein means eating fewer calories. Incorporate protein in every meal and make sure that the carbs occupy the least portion of your meal.

3. Intermittent Fasting

Now now, you have to make the sacrifice if you want to burn fat. And if you cannot sacrifice time to workout, better be ready to sacrifice on food. Seriously, despite how much you love your food, you must cut your portions. Different people do intermittent fasting differently but it all narrows down to consuming fewer calories. If you take four meals a day, then you can take only one meal or two. Of course, you won’t have it easy at the beginning but the body adjusts with time.


4. Stress less and sleep enough

High-stress levels fluctuate your hormones which in return affects your weight. Lack of sleep also causes stress and affects hormones. And while stressful situations are inevitable, you need to learn to manage your stress and ensure you sleep for not less than seven hours every day.

5. Fiber-rich foods


Fiber is not only great for digestion but also for burning fat. It increases satiety meaning you will only eat a small portion and remain full for quite some good time without snacking. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains are some of the best foods that are rich in fiber.

This is not hard to do, is it? No more excuses now.


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