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6 tricks to prevent color bleeding during laundry

Unafuanga aje nguo zisimwage rangi?

Cleaning colored clothes(A Mess Free Life)

Nothing is as annoying as doing laundry only to realize that some of them are bleeding and staining the rest.

Some clothes naturally shed off their dye while others will just shed off the first time you wash them.

The first step to doing laundry is sorting out clothes. This is where you put aside the colored ones from the light colored ones. Even so, this only prevents staining of other clothes. If you want to stop your clothes from bleeding and fading in the long run, try out these simple steps:

1. Cold water


Hot or warm water stretches the fabric making it susceptible to bleeding. With cold water though, the fabric is not stretched and is less likely to shed color.

2. Salty water

In your laundry water, add salt and stir to dissolve. Then wash your colored laundry in the salty water.

3. Don’t soak them


No matter how soiled your colored clothes are, don’t soak them. Soaking them means giving them more time to leach out the color.

4. Vinegar

Adding vinegar to laundry water also helps in retaining color.

5. Short wash


The more friction you subject to colored clothes, the more the color they shed. Wash them fast and gently to prevent color loss.

6. Dry under shade

The sun has bleaching properties and will only make them fade more. Air them under a shade or unhang them as soon as they dry if you hang them under the sun.


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