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Simple tips to prevent heartburn during pregnancy

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Most pregnant women experience heartburn in their second and third trimesters. Changes in hormonal levels may affect the digestive functions leading to heartburns.

To prevent and reduce the heartburn without affecting the growing baby, pregnant women can try out these simple techniques:

1. Eat little portions


Instead of eating a large meal at one point, it’s advisable to eat smaller portions of food at intervals. When one is pregnant, there is less room for lots of food in the stomach. So if you eat large amounts of food at ago, your abdomen is put under pressure leading to heartburn or making it worse.

2. No what triggers the heartburn

Some foods are known to trigger heartburn more than others. However, women react differently to different foods. So, instead of avoiding all the foods that are known to cause heartburn, it’s best to identify the foods that trigger your heartburn and avoid them altogether.

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3. Sleeping right after a meal


When pregnant, you might need to rest and sleep for more hours. And while sleeping right after a meal is generally unhealthy, it’s even worse during pregnancy. Experts recommend eating at least three hours before bedtime. Also, make sure your head is elevated; this makes it difficult for the stomach acids to rise all the way to your oesophagus.

4. Ginger

This is a wonder spice that comes in handy during pregnancy. Ginger is known to only combat nausea and morning sickness but also relieve heartburn.


5. Eat slowly

No hurry, just take your time to enjoy your meal. Downing your meal within a short period triggers heartburns.

6. Loose fitting clothes

Even if you really want to slay during pregnancy, opt for loose outfits. Too tight outfits puts more pressure on the abdomen and this may trigger acid reflux.


7. Tums

If all the above do not work for you, talk to your doctor about it. They will advise you on the best over the counter drugs that combat heartburns during pregnancy. 


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