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Try these tips to stop your stomach from rumbling

Teach your stomach some manners

Rumbling(Physician Partners of America)

What’s the worst experience you’ve had with stomach rumbles? If your stomach has never misbehaved while you are on a date, a serious meeting or an interview, you have no idea how embarrassing it can be.

It fills in the silence and all the attention shifts to you with everyone asking if you are okay. Or if you need something to eat. Even though hunger is one of the reasons behind stomach growling, there are other reasons. For instance, it’s an indicator that you ate too much, indigestion and even intolerance to some foods.

If your stomach produces those weird noises every now and then, it’s only best to learn how to stop it. We hope these tips will save you the embarrassing moments:

1. Eat something


If you have not eaten for a while, your stomach is only telling you that you need to fill it up. Get a snack and silence it.

2. Cut your portions

Eating a mountain of food makes it hard for the digestion process. Just don’t overload your stomach with too much food. Believe you me, you are gonna die if you cut your portions. You’ll actually live longer!

3. Take a walk


Not again! Relax, not like we are telling you to run a marathon. Just a short walk to make digestion easier. Don’t even try intense cardio immediately after a meal. You won’t like it.

4. Drink water

What if food is not ready? In that case, gulp down some water to soothe the hunger reactions. If the growling is due to indigestion, water will also make digestion easier.

5. Eat slowly


No hurry in Africa remember? Chew slowly since digestion begins in the mouth. If food is not properly broken down in the mouth, the stomach will have a harder time digesting the large pieces of food.

6. Know your triggers

Acidic foods and those that trigger the stomach to produce gas can also make your stomach rumble. It’s up to you to learn what food makes your stomach do so and avoid them.


7. Stay calm

Ever wondered why your stomach only rumbles when badly need it to be silent? It’s because the gut activity increases when you are anxious. Try as much as possible to remain calm during interviews, presentations or while on a date.


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