When pregnant, you may be curious to know whether you are carrying a boy or girl.

Not just because you want to be sure but because it also helps with preparation. You are able to know the color and types of clothes to buy way before the baby is due.

Getting an ultrasound from your doctor is the surest way to determine the sex of your baby. Even so, there are traditional methods that people use to predict whether they are expecting a boy or girl.

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Here are a few signs you can use to predict:

1. Morning sickness

Most women experience morning sickness in their first trimester but some of them are lucky enough not to go through it. If you are experiencing severe morning sickness, it’s most likely that you could be having a girl. But if it’s only mild or completely absent, you may be carrying a boy.

2. Stress levels

Studies show that stress affects the baby’s sex. Women who are more stressed during pregnancy are likely to have girls while those with low stress levels are likely to have boys.

3. Taste of food

Women expecting a baby girl are said to have cravings for sugary foods such as cakes and fresh fruit juices. On the other hand, those expecting a boy are said to crave for salty and sour foods.

4. Breakouts

If you are experiencing skin break out during pregnancy, you may be carrying a baby girl. If you experience none of it, you are probably carrying a baby boy.

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5. Baby bump position

The position of your bump may also signal if you are expecting a boy or girl. If you are carrying it low, chances are that you are expecting a boy. But if you are carrying a bit higher, you could be expecting a girl.

But remember that if you really want to be sure of your baby’s sex, you must go through an ultrasound. The above are just prediction signs.