Simple ways to treat acne at home using egg whites

Wanna give them a try?

Bad case of adult acne

Studies show that egg whites are rich in amino acids that kill bacteria. They also contain ant-inflammatory properties that are crucial in treating acne.

Try these simple acne remedies using egg whites at the comfort of your home:

1. Egg whites alone

Apply a thin layer of egg white on your face using. Before it dries, put on another layer and let it sit for 15 minutes. Clean your face with warm water, pat dry and moisturize. Do this twice a week for better results.

2. Egg whites and honey

Mix the egg whites with one tablespoon of honey in a bowl. Then apply the mixture evenly on your face avoiding the area around your eyes. Wait until the skin starts tightening and rinse off with warm water. Honey boosts the effectiveness as it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

3. Egg whites and lemon

In a bowl, mix fresh lemon juice with egg whites. If you have honey, you can also add it for better results. Apply the mixture on your face using a cotton swab and leave it to dry for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and don’t forget to moisturize. The lemon acid has bleaching properties that will help in dealing with acne spots.

4. Egg white, avocado, and yogurt

If you can get plain yogurt, the better. Mash the avocado to get a smooth paste then mix it with yogurt and egg whites in a bowl. Apply the paste on the affected area before rinsing and moisturizing. The yogurt reduces the dark spots while avocado has vitamin E and A that nourish your skin.


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